Important Health Checks You Might Be Neglecting 

Your body is your temple – and it can sometimes take a lot of work to make sure that it is healthy and well. Many people know the basics of health such as eating well and getting exercise, however, they tend to neglect parts of their general health. These health checks can sometimes not be as obvious, however, they are important to keep on top of. If you neglect these checks, it may impact your overall health and result in issues further down the line. If you’re neglecting any of these health checks, here is your sign to stop!

Sleep Hygiene 

Sleep hygiene is one of the most important parts of your health, and many people often neglect their sleep health. Nearly one billion adults around the world suffer from sleep issues and obstruction, and over time, it could destroy your health.

Not only does lack of sleep make you feel tired and unable to concentrate, but it could also lead to potentially more damaging issues such as heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and strokes. Sleep is important for detoxifying the body and helping your body recover from illness – it is crucial for maintaining good health. 

There are many ways in which you can attend to your sleep hygiene more effectively. Firstly, if you’re having sleep issues make sure that you see a doctor, as they can help you with sleep aids like herbal medicines, or strategies to help you fall asleep better.

There are many apps available for your phone which can help you track your nightly sleep and see if there are any issues as well as smart watches which track your nightly sleep. This could be helpful when it comes to working out how to improve your sleep hygiene. Try to avoid blue light from phones and TVs before you go to bed, as this can stimulate the brain and make it harder for you to have restful sleep. 

Eye Test 

Unfortunately, many people neglect their ocular health, especially if they didn’t have glasses from an early age. As we age, our eyes start to deteriorate, and ignoring it won’t make the problem go away. If you ignore it, you risk straining your eyes even more and making any ocular health problems even worse. If you need glasses, it is much better for you to get them early to prevent any eye problems from getting worse. 

Eye tests don’t just help you test your vision though – they could also reveal if potentially problematic illnesses are developing in your body. For example, eye tests can reveal if there are early signs of glaucoma or diabetes, which can be treated if found early. If you suffer from migraines, this could also be a problem with your ocular health, so it’s useful to get checked out.

Anyone at any age can start to have problems with their eyes, so make sure that you’re looking after your optical health regularly even if you’re only in your twenties. 

Mental Health 

Although there have been massive strides made recently within society to promote a better understanding of mental health, many people tend to ignore signs of developing issues like anxiety and depression. However, having bad mental health can have a severe knock-on effect on the rest of your body.

For example, mental health issues could cause sleep problems, stomach issues, nausea, exhaustion, and headaches. There has also been evidence that poor mental health could lead to a person being more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. What’s going on in your brain could potentially affect every part of your body. 

Taking care of your mental health can seem a bit overwhelming, but there are tips and tricks you can use to alleviate some of the symptoms. For example, seeing a doctor or therapist can help you work out what’s going on in your head, and help you find your own strategies and ways of coping and dealing with it. Talking to friends can also be useful when it comes to feeling supported and having space to talk through your problems and can help you alleviate stress.

Going for long walks, eating well, and resting when you need it is also important when it comes to managing mental health issues and coping with them better. 

Dental Health 

Your dental health affects the rest of your body. A leading Cheltenham dentist has found research that strokes, cardiovascular disease and clogged arteries could be connected with untreated oral bacteria from infections. They also found that untreated gum disease could increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease. Having poor dental health can be connected to a lot of things such as mental health disorders (depression, dental anxiety) and stress. It’s important to not neglect any part of your body in order to improve your health. 

If you struggle to take care of your dental health, there are many things you can do in order to alleviate this. For example, if you suffer from dental anxiety, try to find a dentist who works closely with anxious patients. Setting reminders for yourself to floss and brush your teeth regularly can also help when it comes to improving your oral hygiene routine. 

It’s important not to neglect any part of your health – every aspect listed here contributes to an overall healthy body. Start taking care of every part of your body today, and your health and life satisfaction could improve massively.